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Presenting She/e/o, an innovative online women’s coaching program rooted in performance psychology that cultivates self-expression, confidence, and joy. Tailored for high-achieving women, She/e/o seamlessly blends education, coaching, and practical skills to establish a robust foundation for holistic growth and success, honoring well-being. Guided by principles of connection and education, She/e/o empowers authentic self-discovery and achievement.




What Camille’s Clients have to say

I found Camille through Instagram, quickly appreciated her content, and looked to her for daily motivation. I then began listening to her podcast (Call Me CEO). I was genuinely inspired by her story, grace in the face of conflict or difficulties, and the stories of other guests she hosted. Deciding to reach out to Camille was one of the best decisions I have made for my businesses thus far! I had been looking to hire a VA for some time but could not find the best way. Camille made it almost too easy! She listened to my needs and quickly found candidates that would fit perfectly for my team. Thanks to Camille, I found a great VA, and I am excited to discuss coaching with Camille. She truly is a great leader, resource, and mentor to anyone in business.

What Janae’s Clients have to say

I asked Janae to coach me, and I know she has no idea what a difference it made in my life. She made the time to meet me when I really needed it. I greatly appreciated feeling like I could be vulnerable with her and talk about my fears about starting a business! Now, my business is going well, and I’m so grateful. My favorite part of starting my business has been getting to know others passionate about empowering cacao farmers and traveling to cacao farms. I dream about building my business even bigger, and there are always more ways to improve it, but it’s going well because I’m excited and not burnt out because of the choices Janae helped me make, and that’s all the evidence I need!

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