Meet to learn, share, and connect with other like-minded ladies excited to level up and create the life they want to live. Together, we will develop our projects and goals!

Learn performance psychology lessons that professional athletes use to perform at the top of their game. Let’s face it: we need those tools, too! 

Social media can be overwhelming and confusing. We will help you discover the latest trends and tips to elevate your business to the next level.

Practice finding HARMONY in your personal and professional life. as we learn to tune the sharps and flats of life.

Learn from each SHE/E/O as they share their experience and perspectives. Yes, we get to make new friendships and strengthen old ones.

Embrace the journey of growth as you learn to perceive your goals from a new perspective, finding joy along the way.

2024-2025 Schedule

 June: Harnessing Harmony

5th Welcome Kick-off

21st: In Person

July: Focus and Motivation 

1st, 17th, 31st

August: Systems and Sales

14th, 28th

September: Seasons of Life 


20th: In Person

October: Confidence and Resilience

9th, 23rd

November: Give and Receive

6th, 20th

December: Reflect and Celebrate

4th, 18th

January: Truths and Lies of Social Media 

8th: In Person


February: Self + Love + Self + Care

5th, 19th

March: Overcoming Obstacles 

5th, 19th

April: Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain 

2nd, 16th

30th: In Person

May: Bucket List Behavior


In-Person Events

June 25th:

Step into the enchanting glow of the Summer Solstice moon with SHE/E/O’s moonlight meditation event. We will meet somewhere west of Utah Lake for an evening of transformation and growth. Bring your yoga mat, bug spray, water, and, most importantly, yourself. Together, we’ll delve deep into identifying our goals and building relationships within our community. Stay tuned for the location announcement, and let’s illuminate the night with positivity and purpose.

September 15th:

Join us for an immersive SHE/E/O event in September from 10 am to 4 pm, where we’ll dive deep into learning, hot seat masterminds, goal movement, and self-discovery. Set in an intimate Airbnb in Salt Lake City, this fall equinox gathering promises to propel your goals and purpose forward. Whether attending in person or virtually, get ready to unlock your potential and connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive environment.

January 8th: 

Join us for a rejuvenating SHE/E/O event on January 8th as we embark on a new year reset. After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s time to reconnect and refocus on the months ahead. Enjoy lunch, laughter, and camaraderie as we celebrate our resilience and set intentions for the coming year. Let’s start the New Year by supporting each other and embracing fresh opportunities for growth and success.

April 30th:

You’re Invited to Our Spring Fling Celebration and Award Ceremony! Join us for the final SHE/E/O event of the year, where all things blossom and bloom! We’ll come together for a day filled with learning, networking, and celebrating how far we’ve come. This day is about acknowledging our growth and achievements, so come prepared to celebrate with us. Let’s set aside the world for a moment as we embrace the spirit of the Spring Equinox.

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