Welcome to our community, where we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of supporting one another. Together, we recognize that our collective abilities far outweigh what we can achieve alone. We know that by joining forces, we can overcome any challenge and achieve our goals. 

Are You Ready?

Are you Seeking

to enhance your performance and achieve your goals by connecting with like-minded women who share a desire to create a fulfilling life?

Are you Eager

to learn and practice mental skills that can be applied in entrepreneurship and your personal life, understanding their significance alongside your business strategy?

Are you Excited

about joining a supportive mastermind group where seasoned entrepreneurs are eager to share their wealth of knowledge with you?

Join our SKILL SET & MINDSET coaching hosted by an entrepreneurial performance consultant and online business strategist. 


SKILLSET: When you meet with us, you will hit the ground running with your freshly strategized plan! Our decades of combined experience will save you time, allowing you to scale and monetize without sacrificing your sanity. In addition, you will be supported with a trusted step-by-step guide. 

MINDSET: Understanding how your brain works gives you the tools to adjust your mindset and transform your life! Professional athletes receive training to achieve peak performance, and so should you! Imagine having a roadmap to manage your stress, fully recover after “game day,” and push to the next level. Yep, we’ve got you!

Meet Camille

Camille, an online business maverick, has spent the past decade building a multifaceted empire that includes a podcast, digital products, programs, websites, and corporate consulting while raising four kids. She has cultivated a loyal following of over 500,000 through her relentless study of the digital marketplace. Today, Camille’s passion is all about helping women achieve work-life harmony. Drawing on her diverse experience, she crafts customized strategies centered around productivity tools and frameworks, empowering female entrepreneurs to excel in business while nurturing fulfilling lifestyles. With a nationwide network, Camille brings ambitious women together, aiding them in building dream teams to propel their companies forward while experiencing true integration.

Meet Janae

Janae is the co-owner of multiple businesses, a family advocate, and a community organizer. She is a mental strength coach passionate about developing leaders who impact their families, businesses, and communities. She is a self-proclaimed ‘Social Entrepreneur’ who is actively involved in community building, whether supporting the growth of her 7-figure companies, serving on boards, or writing curricula and children’s books to support parents and organizations to work together more effectively. Janae’s experience and passion in raising six daughters, and one son, fuels her mission to earn a PsyD in Psychology, specializing in Sports and Performance Psychology: to share the mental skills training elite athletes have access to and bring it directly to you! 

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